Shooting Street Portraits by William Wallace

The day came and we (a couple of other artists and myself) were set up and ready to go with the threat of rain. Pressing on with determined optimism, we started at 5:00 p.m. with the goal of making it to 8:00. The crowds started moving from their parking lots traveling right past The Art Experience location to attend the event. One thing I learned is . . .

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How to Succeed in Smartphone Photography Competitions: An Interview with Brendan Ó Sé by William Wallace

If you enter a competition, you want to win. You want all others to come after you. There is no other motivation. When you don’t win, you can feel despondent. You examine your work. You hold it up to that of the winners. You cast an overly-critical eye on it and wonder where the hell you are going in your photographic journey. But, this feeling passes. And it passes because the endeavour, the hobby, the passion you have for it cannot be diminished by . . .

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Shooting Fog Part 2 (Finishing the Process) by William Wallace

Shooting in fog can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Especially when using your phone. In this blog post I offer insights from my experience in shooting foggy shots and then editing them using the HandyPhoto and Snapseed apps.

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